Welcome to Everyday Sunset, Original Fine Art Sunset Paintings inspired by the natural colors and magnificent variety of cloud formations and light present in fleeting moments each day. The artist manages to capture the essence of those moments with awe and reverence. It is up to you to savor the sunset "in" your environment to be inspired, to relax, to remember intimate times while gazing at the sunset. In our busy lives the sunset continues to be an event that doesn't always get our attention, it has for this artist to magnify it, to celebrate it and to share it with you.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"SeaSplash" Signed April 27

"Seasplash" is 14 x 18 on canvas. I am creating late day paintings from recent sunsets and from seascapes that I took on Martha's Vineyard. Composing these elements, I bring a new variety to my repertoire of sunsets in homage to the spring and summer seasons. When you glance back at my archives you will find snow sunsets in winter and early spring silhouettes at sunset. Item # 4/27/10

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